Generate text from the spoken word.
Automatically transcribe your podcasts.

Upload, and transcribe, it's free!
Get a great transcript of your podcast, almost instantly, and for free.
Automatically transcribe a podcast, then quickly double check the transcript against the audio, skim through it, see alternative words, and hear the words as you edit.
Ideal to load a transcript with your podcast, which is great for SEO. Or use it to edit an interview.

Getting Started

We have a step-by-step guide on how to get a great transcript.

Mobile & Tablet

All out pages are fully responsive, which means you can view or edit them on any device, from your phone to a tablet!

Amazing inspiration

Lost for words? We offer suggestions for what your words could be.

What our audio-to-text converter does

Auto transcription isn't quite perfect - yet. However, what we can do is create an almost exact transcription, and offer you suggestions based on your words.

Then, the great audio player means you can listen to your words as you edit them, meaning you can check your words and ensure they are word perfect.

You can then export a transcript into your website, which is searchable - Great for uploading your podcast, and get exact SEO via your auto transcript.

Podtext is in a Beta development stage
Some functionality is limited, and the site may temporarily go down for short periods when I update it. In particular, podtext is also in a 'learning' mode at the moment, and accuracy is not guaranteed for some complicated words. But, it's free, so please try it. Tell me what works, and what doesn't.